About Us

The Benefit Link has more than 20 years of experience specifically working with seniors—this is our sole expertise. We have and will continue to remain independent of any insurance agency so that we may objectively advise and provide guidance to seniors who need to acquire Medigap healthcare coverage.

We represent and or have access to virtually every major insurance carrier and their plans. Our group continually monitors the overall senior market insurance industry tracking premiums, rate increase history and trends. In short we know our business better than anyone.

As you now know all Medicare supplement plans are standardized by the federal government so there will be absolutely no difference in coverage from one carrier to another. The difference is cost, stability and service and that is where we come in. The Benefit Link provides the crucial –objective—guidance seniors need in order to make an educated decision without being influenced. The Benefit link essentially takes the place of your benefits coordinator providing ongoing support for our clients. There is no charge to clients for our services and we are available on a direct basis every day.



Diana Perkins-Scothorn, President

We pride ourselves on the service we provide, the BIGGEST compliment you can give us is to recommend us to your friends.