Benefit Plan Compliance

Benefit Plan Compliance

Surely, you know how important it is to file your form 5500s correctly and on time. The failure to stay in benefit plan compliance can lead to thousands of dollars of penalties from the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service. Fortunately, you can help your clients to save time and money and eliminate the hassle of these complex filings, all while giving yourself more time to focus on your business, simply by getting help from Blueprint Benefit Advisors. Traditionally, a form 5500 must be filed for each benefit or plan offered, such as health, life, disability, vision, and more. But now, with the assistance of Blueprint Benefit Advisors, you can incorporate all of these plans into one, saving time, reducing cost, and minimizing risk.

When you partner with Blueprint Benefit Advisors, most of the form 5500 work is done for you, and our fees are all-inclusive. Our work is guaranteed, and our client service is beyond compare. With many, many years of experience in form 5500 compliance and consulting, Blueprint Benefit Advisors is the answer for all of your form 5500 needs.

Why You Need an Employee Benefits Consultant

If benefit plan compliance is crucial to you, then you need an employee benefits consultant from Blueprint Benefit Advisors. But why do you need an employee benefits and insurance consultant? After all, everyone knows how to buy insurance right? The point can be illustrated this way: Just as you wouldn't go sky-diving without an instructor; just like you wouldn't wander the wilderness without a qualified guide; just like you wouldn't sail across the ocean without ship captain; why would you try to navigate the stormy and ever-changing seas of the health insurance marketplace alone!?

We Offer Comprehensive Consulting Services to Keep You in Compliance

Employee benefits can be a significant hassle for your HR department. Employee benefits are a considerable expense, often as much as 30% of your total employee compensation. Benefits consultants from Blueprint Benefits Advisors can lighten your burden significantly. We are always on a quest to find you the right benefits strategy, one that fits your company and aligns with your strategic business goals. We'll negotiate with your vendors for you and be your rates champion. 

We can advise you on the technology you need to administer your benefits and stay in compliance at all times. We'll encourage your employees' health so that your risks go down. Our consulting services are comprehensive. When you partner with us, you will wonder how you made it without us all this time.

Contact Blueprint Insurance Providers

We would like to offer you a no-obligation consultation to talk to us about how we can save your clients time and money and help you grow your business. Contact Blueprint Benefits Advisors to learn more about all of our consulting and form 5500 services. Benefit plan compliance is our specialty. Give us a call or send us an email today. We guarantee it will be time well spent.

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Benefit Plan Compliance

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