With over 25+ years helping our clients work through difficult insurance decisions, The Benefit Links takes great pride in servicing the senior community which is why customer satisfaction is our top priority. At The Benefit Link we won’t treat you like you’re a “number”, but a member of our own family. 



“Great service! They put my mind at ease. Brennan was the best. I made a friend for sure. May heavenly father bless him, and everyone at The Benefit Link.

– Eliza M.

“I would like to thank The Benefit Link company for a job well done on my behalf. Company representative, Brennan Jackson went above and beyond my expectations on helping me get the right supplemental plan to complement my Medicare coverage. Brennan was very thorough in explaining in detail what plan would best serve my needs. I would encourage anyone looking for help in understanding the complex Medicare coverage system to visit with the folks at The Benefit Link.

Thanks to Benefit Link, my family and I have peace of mind and know that we are in good hands.”

– Armando S.

“Thank you so much for your time and instruction! I’ve learned a lot and feel very comfortable with my Medicare decision. I appreciate everything you did to help me. I look forward to working with you in the future. I will say a prayer of Thanksgiving tonight for God’s message that I received through you.”

– Deborah S.


“It was so nice and such a blessing to talk with Moe on Friday!

‘I so appreciate your kindness and compassion and I’m sure many people feel the same as you take the time to answer such important concerns and questions of folks facing Medicare and Insurance choices.’”

– Barbara K.

Depoe Bay, OR

“I would like people to know, when I contact these people I am treated as though I am family. When you become old folks, these people will allow you to become family also.

Make this your first stop for all your Medicare questions . I think you will agree. I am blessed to have them.”

– Corky N.

“We really received a tremendous amount of help from the Benefit Link group for aiding us getting hospital and pharmaceutical insurance for myself which had been a problem.

This is really a relief for us as it was very confusing in selecting and getting the best possible insurance coverage that we could afford. We can now relax knowing we are in good hands.

Thanks again to all at The Benefit Link!!!”

– Bill R.

“Jan and I would like to thank The Benefit Link for the excellent service provided.

Transitioning into retirement is not an easy task. We found Medicare to be extremely complex and their website left us with more questions than answers. We were bombarded with “offers” from multiple companies all attesting to their expertise in guiding us, but it became obvious that all had their own agendas and were influencing us to make choices that might not be best for us. In fact, we made a choice that proved wrong.

That’s when The Benefit Link came into the picture. Not being affiliated with any insurance company, you were completely impartial and took the time to explain everything. And take the time, you did. Thank you for your patience, for your time, and for your professionalism. For the first time we understood and were able, under your guidance, to correct our mistake and get into plans best suited for us. Additionally, to find out there was no cost for your service was a profound blessing.

We wholeheartedly recommend The Benefit Link to help those make the right choices. Our only regret is that we did not get involved with you earlier as it would have eliminated considerable stress and confusion.

Thank you for being there and for providing excellent service.”

– Bob and Jan


Please accept my sincere appreciation for all of your help in obtaining a Medicare Supplement. I, in all honesty could not have received better coverage without the help of Mr. Derek Jackson. Mr. Jackson helped me through all aspects of obtaining the best coverage and explained the complete package that I bought. Additionally, he helped me by faxing all the documents requested for my immediate coverage.

I have never been concerned with financial matters regarding my final burial expense. Of course I knew that it was indeed a final expense. Mr. Jackson advised me that part of my package was a $5000.00 life insurance protection included in my coverage.

I have a cousin that I am very close to that turned 65 on October 17, I have spoken to her regarding Medicare and Supplemental coverage. I think I explained to Mr. Jackson regarding my cousin. I look forward to connecting him with her and I will share with her my coverage and I am sure she will get the very same plan that I have. I also have a very close friend who is 68 and does not have supplemental coverage and I would like for Mr. Jackson to see what he can do for him.

Please express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Diana Scothorn. Mrs. Scothorn was equally as helpful as Mr. Jackson.”

– Charles D. R. M.S.

“Brennan, once again I want to thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday. When it was all said and done, I am completely satisfied with the coverage I will have and the way you took the time to explain the differences in the different plans / options. I’ve since talked to my older brother and sister (they’re both on Medicare) about the experience and what I ended up with, at what cost. They both agreed that I received a great plan at a fair price. My wife said that I should keep your information so that in 2 years or so, when she’s eligible for Medicare, we can get in touch with you. I told her that you already have her information and that you’ll contact us prior to that time. Another bonus. So again, thank you so much.”

– D. Mitchell

“You girls are the best. How many jams have you rescued me from. Love you forever.

– Helen V.

Blessings, TX

“Diana was a blessing, wonderful, made everything so easy to understand. We need more folks like her.

– Jewell T.

“At 73 years old I was suddenly dropped from my medical insurance. I was lucky to get in touch with the Benefit Link and Diana and Derek. They spent much time with me on the phone. I followed their instructions that I would need for the future. When I have had questions and called and their representatives return in a timely manner and answer questions in a timely manner.

I thank Diana, Derek, Charlotte and Patti for their time and effort on my behalf.”

– Carolyn S.

“Brennan, once again I want to thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday. When it was all said and done, I am completely satisfied with the coverage I will have and the way you took the time to explain the differences in the different plans / options. I’ve since talked to my older brother and sister (they’re both on Medicare) about the experience and what I ended up with, at what cost. They both agreed that I received a great plan at a fair price. My wife said that I should keep your information so that in 2 years or so, when she’s eligible for Medicare, we can get in touch with you. I told her that you already have her information and that you’ll contact us prior to that time. Another bonus. So again, thank you so much.”

– D. Mitchell

“Hi There,

My mother fell ill this year and I was suddenly responsible for handling her affairs including insurance and Medicare. I knew absolutely nothing about it and reached out to the Benefit Link. They educated, guided, and helped me more than I can say. If I had any questions or concerns they were there for me every step of the way. I feel so blessed that I had Sheree Dukes and Diana Scothorn there to guide me through this process. Thank you all so very much!

– Chris E.

“The Benefit Link has given me great service. I tell all my friends about it!

– Karl D.

“The Benefit Link has always been there for me. Even when the questions may seem silly, my ‘go to’ person is Charlotte. She is great and her job. Please keep her forever!

– Polly M.

“When the time for Medicare approaches, we receive a deluge of solicitations from Medicare Supplement insurance carriers. They are happy to point out that selecting a plan is easy, since the coverage really is limited by law to just a few plans, designated by a single letter. I selected plan G, and so all that was left was to select a stable company with a good rate. So easy. Among all the other issues with retirement, this one seemed straightforward and I thought I was done.

I met Diana Scothorn of The Benefit Link, who asked me about my Medicare Supplement decision. I answered, and it was clear to me from her response that my decision had been made without knowledge of another critical factor. So I called the Benefit Link to learn more.

Diana explained to me that the initial price of supplemental insurance is not the important one. Once the open enrollment period is over, and the health events happen, the insurance company can and will adjust prices according to the health claim experience of the group. The critical price factor is based on the health of the pool of customers you are connected with. The key question that the insurance companies probably never bring up is – what are the standards they have for entry in the pool? The answer has tremendous long term financial implications, and it is possible that your situation would not allow you to later change companies, no matter how much they increase the rates!

Diana educated me, and, within an hour, all my decisions were changed. I was fortunate that the open enrollment period for me had not elapsed. Diana immediately arranged for all the paperwork to be done, and I suddenly had new supplemental as well as Medicare Part D coverage with different companies – and the peace of mind of having lower present and very likely lower future rates. Thank you Diana, Stewart, and Charlotte for the tremendous ministry you offer in a truly chaotic marketplace. You have so blessed me and my family.”

– Ken D.

“My husband had retired and I was considering retirement, too. Our financial planner suggested that we investigate the costs of insuring ourselves without our employer provided plan. At that point, we discovered THE BENEFIT LINK. The kind, caring and considerate folks at The Benefit Link, found us plans to cover our prescriptions and plans to supplement our Medicare coverage. Not only did they find us coverage, it was actually LESS expensive than the employer provided plan we already had in place.

It was a little tricky (and very frightening) to change coverage; but, they navigated us through the process step-by-step. Our new coverage began in April, 2015, and my paycheck reflected a nice increase without the insurance deduction. Our plans for retirement looked bright indeed.

Unfortunately, the situation took a dark and drastic change when my husband suffered an hemorrhagic stroke in June. He was transported by ambulance to the emergency room and then by helicopter to a stroke center in the city. He spent a couple of weeks in intensive care, another couple of weeks in the hospital, and then the journey really began. He was sent to a rehabilitation hospital, but was too weak for the therapy. That resulted in a move to a nursing home, where he began having extreme confusion resulting in a couple of serious falls, which required a long weekend visit to another stroke center in another city. He returned to the rehabilitation center, the staff had serious concerns about his lack of progress and, once again, he spent a long weekend in a third hospital, for observation. After another stint in rehab and a longer stay in another nursing center, he was finally able to come home on September 4th.

The bills and statements are still arriving in the mail; however, thanks to the blessing of The Benefit Link and the plans they recommended, we have had very minimal out of pocket expenses. During all the stress and strain, it has been a blessing and comfort to know we can rely on our friends at The Benefit Link to keep our future secure – and improving every day!”

– Karen B.

“Just a brief Thank You to The Benefit Link for the awe-inspiring support relating to my medical supplemental insurance during the past several years. The communication with this client has been exemplary as were the provider selections regarding my specific needs. To further elaborate: benefits are paid promptly, premiums are reasonably maintained – not prohibitively high – and customer service unequivocally rates a par excellence. To this end, I look forward to a continuing relationship with The Benefit Link and its Associates. Kudos and gratitude.

– Judy


“Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Diana Scothorn regarding my supplemental insurance for Medicare. Diana made the process of changing my insurance policy very easy and informative. She was extremely pleasant to talk to and I would recommend her as a consultant to anyone applying to this company for help on this subject. Thank you, Diana, for making this a very enjoyable experience.

– Judy G.

“You girls are the best. How many jams have you rescued me from. Love you forever.

– Helen V.

Blessings, TX

“I do believe that God sent me to The Benefit Link and Derek. He and Charlotte worked diligently to find a new medicare supplemental policy for me and my husband. Admittedly, I was the problem. They had no trouble getting Jerry signed up with his new company at a more economical premium that he had in the past. Since I am a diabetic, I presented them with quite a challenge. But they persevered until they found and had me accepted by a better company at a much lower premium than I had in the past.

I much appreciated the courteous and helpful attitude of everyone I talked to at The Benefit Link and will willingly recommend it to any senior I know. It is a much needed help and quite a blessing to the seniors.

Thank you, and may God bless The Benefit Link.”

– Jane T. M.

“Thank you so much for your greatly needed help in finding us the best coverage at the best price for Medicare supplemental insurance.

I was skeptical at first because it seemed too good to be true. I’m happy to report how wrong I was, plus you won’t find more kind and caring people — such as Diana, Tracy and my new friend Charlotte.

Once again, thank you Benefit Link!”

– Kathleen and Michael K.

“On Thursday. With very limited knowledge about how Medicare worked. I had the great fortune of being placed in the hand of Diana Scothorn and her assistant Charlotte of The Benefit Link.

After finding out my husbands employers insurance had dropped me on my sixty-fifth birthday. I was at a total loss of what to do. Thanks to an Aetna service adviser, I was given Ms. Scothorn’s name and two telephone numbers so that I could be sure and have her help. Well, it was such the blessing. Had I not found out first hand that The Benefit Link is a nationwide service. I would have guessed Ms. Scothorn was the sole service person.

As she did not assume I knew anything about Medicare or what to do at this point. She took the position of sensitivity, questions, and her advanced years of knowledge and exceptional professionalism and not only guided along the process with explanations, and questions to make sure I understood. I was signed up and insured within immediate minutes after being virtually walked through the process via telephone.

If you are looking for the best in knowledge and caring. Call Diana. It was like being helped by a ‘caring’ family member.”

– Gloria J.

“I would like to say Thanks for all the help the Benefit Link has been to me. In my older years it has been a great help and blessing.

– Luteen C.

“Fifteen years ago, after my husband passed away, I had to deal with many issues and adjustments, one of which was medical insurance.

I was introduced to the Benefit Link through Vought Aircraft where my husband had retired.

I can truly say that they have been extremely caring and helpful all these years. They have been attentive to any questions I have had and have always been there to see that I have the best Medicare Supplement insurance for the money.

I appreciate Diana and The Benefit Link team so much. You are not treated like “a number” with them, but as a good friend that they want the best for.

Thank you so much for your years of service.”

– Linda J.

“Two years ago when it was necessary to choose my provider for Medicare, I was deluged with offers from all over the country. One of the offers was from The Benefit Link Inc., in Texas.

Maybe it was from divine intervention. Diana and Charlotte were so helpful in expaining all the possibilities when decisions needed to be made. Now, after two years, I needed some guidance in switching one of my plans for the most economical to fit my needs. I called The Benefit Line Inc. for help and Diana was right there.

When such important and confusing decisions need to be made about Medicare options, The Benefit Link Inc. is not only helpful but trustworthy. I would recommend this company all over the United States.”

– Kathy Vander G.

“I just wanted to say that i am very Pleased with the service i have received from you. Any time i have had any questions regarding my Insurance you have been most helpful. I do appreciate everything could not ask for anything more.

– Naomi H.

“Thank you so much for your patience and for being such a good listener. Moving forward with your health plan recommendation, I am confident all is going to be taken care of as my need for health care services becomes a priority.

Looking forward to a smooth transition”

– Ofelia A.

Blessings, TX

“My preference is to work with you guys because you are a Christian based company and for your knowledge, experience, and ‘overall good feeling’ that I receive when talking with you and Jessica.

– Seth and Rene H.

“I was always grateful I had good insurance for myself and my two children while working at Vought for 43 years. When I retired and my insurance continued it paid 80% and I paid the remaining 20%.

Our company did some research and found a much better program for us retirees. I was introduced to “The Benefit Link” and was truly amazed at how much better the insurance coverage is.

I was very frightened with the changes but soon found out it really is to our BENEFIT. Thanks to the wonderful people at “The Benefit Link” for all the personal care and support.”

– Mildred Ryder

“Thank you again for the easy transition to my new Aetna coverage as a secondary medical coverage. Also I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to use my Humana mail in pharmacy service. It has saved me a considerable amount per month and I only take 3 oral medications and one prescription for eye drops. I appreciate your expertise and enjoy referring your services to my friends.

– Ms. Dale L.

“Thank you for solving our insurance problem. You were wonderful and we really appreciate everything you have done! I will recommend you to anyone who needs insurance. God bless you for caring for us and making our lives so much better.

– Ruth M.

“My preference is to work with you guys because you are a Christian based company and for your knowledge, experience, and ‘overall good feeling’ that I receive when talking with you and Jessica.

– Seth and Rene H.

“I do not know what I would do without the people at The Benefit Link.

They saved my life! I sincerely mean that.

They are always ready to help. They helped me when no one else could! Thank you for your help and the confidence I’m able to have in The Benefit Link.

– Wendall B.


“I wanted to take the time to send this e-mail to you and to the American Continental Insurance Company. First, I would like to let the insurance company know that they are blessed to have both you and Derek working for this company. Both of you have been there for me when I had questions to ask when it came to deciding on what insurance to go with plus what plan is best for me. I also know that I had a question to ask and if you didn’t have the answer you would find out for me and call me back with an answer. It means a lot to me to have a person that I can understand plus the friendless that you both have.

It was important to me to let both of you know that you are my angels and that I couldn’t ask for the nicest people and that your caring goes beyond its limits. I can tell by your voices that both of you enjoy your job.

I send my love to both of you and hope that someday I will be able to meet both of you in person.”

– Susan G.

“With great respect to The Benefit Link, especially, Stewart and Jessica. I‘m so grateful for their care and guidance regarding my Medicare Part D. My medicine was not life threatening, but it is essential to my well-being. It was through them that I was able to alter my plan so that I could maximize my benefits for economical and physical reasons. I feel so blessed that they took my situation in their hands and assisted me through this year.

The Benefit Link will be helping me for many years to come. I was just the “Kid Next Door” and wasn’t knowledgeable about how this all works. They came to my rescue, called, and followed through, which is more than many people will do.

I recommend them to anyone who needs a true friend looking out for their best interest.”

– Wally F.

“I became acquainted with The Benefit Link when I was searching sites on the internet for help with decision making regarding Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance & Part D Insurance during open enrollment. Maurice sent me a well-written email that caught my attention. After calling & talking with him & felt I could trust what he told me. He also got Charlotte & then Diana to talk with me. All of them helped me tremendously in making informed decisions about changing my policies from the ones I had for several years to the ones I chose for 2013. With Moe’s guidance, I was even able to do all the necessary paperwork electronically.

This year, 2013, during Annual Enrollment, I was presented locally with an HMO plan that had rates that sounded tempting. I was in the process of comparing plans for more than 2 weeks. One afternoon during the 3rd week of November my telephone rang and it was Brennan Jackson with The Benefit Link just calling to see how I was doing after a year. I felt my stress level lower just hearing him speak to my concerns, as I expressed to him that again, I was in the middle of comparing plans.

He told me that Moe was recovering from Meningitis, but Brennan set up a telephone appointment for me with Diana Scothorn. I updated Diana with the information I was comparing. She gave me excellent advice, which enabled me to feel comfortable with the decision I made regarding keeping my current supplemental plan & changing my Part D to a plan that was more economical for 2014.

I am very, very grateful for Brennan & Diana’s help this year ( & for all the professionals at The Benefit Link) & shall not hesitate to initiate a call to The Benefit Link myself in October of 2014 if I need help again.”

– Sue P.

“It was my pleasure to work with you this morning while you guided me to the right Medicare Part A and B Supplementary plans for 2019. I knew I wanted to change insurance companies, but needed help in understanding the best plan for me.

You were very knowledgeable about Medicare Supplement Plans and answered all of my questions with simple, straightforward, accurate information.

I felt I could trust your information, as I had done research prior to my call & I knew the basics of the plans. You answered everything accurately and thoroughly, always allowing me to speak. No question seemed trivial, and I felt very comfortable with your tone of voice, knowledge & kindness.

Imparting excellent information, you have a natural talent to explain concepts so others can grasp them thoroughly. A potential client then feels certain they understand well the policy that best fits their needs both medically and financially.

– Shaaron C.

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