Jan and I would like to thank The Benefit Link for the excellent service provided.

Transitioning into retirement is not an easy task. We found Medicare to be extremely complex and their website left us with more questions than answers. We were bombarded with “offers” from multiple companies all attesting to their expertise in guiding us, but it became obvious that all had their own agendas and were influencing us to make choices that might not be best for us. In fact, we made a choice that proved wrong.

That’s when The Benefit Link came into the picture. Not being affiliated with any insurance company, you were completely impartial and took the time to explain everything. And take the time, you did. Thank you for your patience, for your time, and for your professionalism. For the first time we understood and were able, under your guidance, to correct our mistake and get into plans best suited for us. Additionally, to find out there was no cost for your service was a profound blessing.

We wholeheartedly recommend The Benefit Link to help those make the right choices. Our only regret is that we did not get involved with you earlier as it would have eliminated considerable stress and confusion.

Thank you for being there and for providing excellent service.