Burial Insurance Buffalo

Article provided by: Sean Kelly Medicare Advisor

Burial Insurance Buffalo

Are you looking into the benefits of burial insurance in Buffalo? Contact Medicare Advisor, Sean Kelly, for affordable solutions. Until you actually start looking into the advantages of owning burial insurance, you’ll most likely never fully understand the benefits and peace of mind that accompany ownership.

More Control At a Lower Cost

Purchasing burial insurance in Buffalo means you hold the power to choose in advance all of the details of your funeral or cremation, including the casket, funeral home, flowers, burial plot, headstone, and other details.  Not only does planning ahead give you greater control over how much you want to spend, but you’ll also find that burial insurance is a tremendous comfort to your family.

Gift a Gift That Lasts

It surprises many of our clients to learn that one of the most significant sources of stress comes after the death of a loved one when huge costs and major decisions must be undertaken. Our plan covers every aspect of your funeral- best of all, current health issues will not prevent you from being approved for coverage. With the average cost of a funeral at $7,000, you’ll find our coverage is extremely affordable.

Serving Upstate New York

If you’re looking for help with Medicare or are interested in burial insurance in Buffalo, reach out to agent Sean Kelly for a free consultation or request your free e-book on Sean’s website. Speaking with a knowledgeable agent who specializes in burial insurance is a great way to have your questions answered, learn more about the benefits of coverage, and get a better idea of the costs involved. You may just find that burial insurance is the best money you spend this year.

Eliminate the Risks of Rising Burial Costs

Each year, the costs of an average funeral are more than the previous year- and rising costs show no signs of slowing down or stopping. You can make a decision today that will positively impact your financial future and leave your loved ones in a position where both the costs and the planning is already taken care of- what a tremendous gift to give your family. It costs nothing to call Sean and ask about burial coverage- and the advantages of purchasing insurance will far outweigh the costs.

Don’t Count on Social Security

The Social Security Administration pays out a lump sum of $255 following the death of a recipient, which does not go very far. Sadly, many seniors mistakenly believe that Social Security will pay for their funeral expenses, when the reality is, this is a cost that must be paid for by your family after your death. The only way to eliminate the costs associated with a funeral or cremation is to purchase a protection plan that will cover the costs of your services in full.

Don’t wait- pick up the phone and call Sean Kelly to request additional information about burial insurance in Buffalo. When you call, you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice offering information you’ll find extremely beneficial. Call Sean now to learn more.

Burial Insurance Buffalo

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