Please accept my sincere appreciation for all of your help in obtaining a Medicare Supplement. I, in all honesty could not have received better coverage without the help of Mr. Derek Jackson. Mr. Jackson helped me through all aspects of obtaining the best coverage and explained the complete package that I bought. Additionally, he helped me by faxing all the documents requested for my immediate coverage.

I have never been concerned with financial matters regarding my final burial expense. Of course I knew that it was indeed a final expense. Mr. Jackson advised me that part of my package was a $5000.00 life insurance protection included in my coverage.

I have a cousin that I am very close to that turned 65 on October 17, I have spoken to her regarding Medicare and Supplemental coverage. I think I explained to Mr. Jackson regarding my cousin. I look forward to connecting him with her and I will share with her my coverage and I am sure she will get the very same plan that I have. I also have a very close friend who is 68 and does not have supplemental coverage and I would like for Mr. Jackson to see what he can do for him.

Please express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Diana Scothorn. Mrs. Scothorn was equally as helpful as Mr. Jackson.