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Medicare Supplement Plans in Kentucky

At the Benefit Link we work with great insurance companies offering Medicare Supplement plans for Kentucky Senior residents. Many offer the most popular plans like Plan F and Plan G. Let us assist with the basics. Kentucky Medicare Plans include 10 standardized options, lettered A – N. Each insurance company must offer at least Plan A, but companies can offer any of the other plans as well.

Our agency works with some of the best Kentucky Medicare Plan F and Plan G insurance companies, such as AetnaBankers Fidelity, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Mutual of Omaha, and Transamerica.

You can find a complete list of our Medicare insurance providers here.

Kentucky Medicare Plans

Kentucky Medicare Plans include Medicare supplements that pay after Medicare as well as Medicare Advantage plans. There are 10 standardized Medigap plans labeled Plan A – F – just like in every other state. Each plan covers a different set of benefits.

About 17% of residents in Kentucky are Medicare beneficiaries. These people have the same options as the rest of the nation, including Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans. There are also standalone Part D drug plans. Over 120,000 beneficiaries have enrolled in some form of Medigap, and prices for these plans average around $150 – $200/month.

kentucky medicare plans

Kansas Medicare Supplements

Kentucky Medicare Supplement Plan F is a top seller in the state. This is likely because it is the Medicare supplement plan that offers the most coverage. A Plan F supplement will pay for all of your Medicare deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance. Normally you would usually be responsible for these things. Because your Kentucky Medicare supplement covers all this right from the start, many people refer to Plan F as “first dollar coverage.”

Plans G and N are also popular plans in Kansas. These plans have lower premiums but you agree to cover some copays and/or deductibles on the back end of the policy.

Kentucky Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment

Medicare supplement open enrollment window will start. This one-time window lasts for six months. During this time, you can join a Medicare supplement with no health questions asked. Your application will be approved, and is guaranteed renewable as well, for as long as you pay your monthly premium.

If you miss this window, or once it has passed, then you will have to answer medical questions when you apply. The insurance company will underwrite your application. This means they will review your medical history and check prescriptions you have filled in recent years. They can decline based on your health history or prescriptions if they choose to do so.

Since Medicare supplements only fill in the gaps for Medicare Parts A and B, many people purchase a standalone Part D drug plan to go alongside their coverage.

You can enroll in a drug plan when first joining Medicare during your Initial Enrollment Period. This works alongside your Medicare supplement to provide you coverage for retail medications. You can change your drug plan once per year during the annual election period that comes around each year in the fall.

Get Help with Kentucky Medicare Supplement Options

There are a number of affordable companies in Kentucky. We can provide quotes for these insurance companies. Let our friendly agents also help you with facts about each company. We can help you decide which one really is a good fit for your lifestyle. We can help obtaining a Part D drug plan analysis, too.

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