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Louisiana Medicare Plans

At the Benefit Link we work with great insurance companies offering Medicare Supplement plans for Louisiana residents. Many offer the most popular plans like Plan F and Plan G. Let us assist with the basics. Louisiana Medicare Plans include 10 standardized options, lettered A – N. Each insurance company must offer at least Plan A, but companies can offer any of the other plans as well.

Our agency works with some of the best Louisiana Medicare Plan F and Plan G insurance companies, such as AetnaBankers Fidelity, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Mutual of Omaha, and Transamerica.

You can find a complete list of our Medicare insurance providers here.

Louisiana Medicare Plans

Louisiana Medicare Supplements are offered by a variety of insurance companies with excellent financial ratings. So finding a Louisiana Medicare supplement at an affordable rate can be quite easy to do when you are working with an independent insurance firm like The Benefit Link that can send you simple rate comparisons.

Louisiana Medicare Supplements are sometimes referred to Louisiana Medigap plans.

louisiana medicare plans

Finding the Right Louisiana Medicare Supplement

As in other states, Louisiana offers the 10 basic standardized Medicare supplement plans. Each plan is labeled with a letter from A – N, and there are 10 plans to choose from, plus one high-deductible option. Medigap plans are designed so that each plan letter offers a different set of benefits, and you can choose the benefit package that covers the specific things that are important to you.

This also helps when you are comparing rates because you can feel confident that if you are shopping for a Medigap Plan G, you will know that the Plan G benefits from one carrier are exactly the same as what is offered by another carrier. Rates however, vary widely from insurance company to insurance company.

Louisiana Medicare Supplement Plan F

Our agency gets more calls about Medicare Supplement Plan F than any other plan. That’s because a Plan F policy pays for both your Part A and Part B deductibles and coinsurance, as well as includes coverage of any excess charges by nonparticipating doctors and foreign travel emergency benefits. Essentially, Plan F gives you the peace of mind that you will never have any copays or deductibles for the Medicare-covered services you access.

Another common Medigap plan is the Plan G. There are many carriers offering Plan G in Louisiana. Plan G functions just like Plan F except you pay the annual Part B deductible. Many people enjoy lower premiums and lower annual rate increases on Plan G.

Under 65 on Medicare in Louisiana

People who qualify for Medicare early due to disability can now get an open enrollment period for Louisiana Medicare Supplements. Regardless of age, any Medicare beneficiary can qualify for a Medicare Supplement during the first 6 months after their Medicare Part B effective date. It’s important facts like this that make it so desirable to work with an independent agency like The Benefit Link. We can fill you in on all the laws, rules and regulations that apply to Medigap Plans in Louisiana.

Whether you are age 50, 65 or 85, our friendly licensed agents can get you quick and simple rate comparisons. You can make an educated buying decision when it comes to choosing your Medicare supplemental insurance in Louisiana. Contact our agency today using the toll free number listed above or use this link to get fast online quotes:

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