I would like to thank the Benefit Link, Inc. Diana Scothorn, my agent and her assistant Charlotte for the professionalism and hard work they put into getting me covered with a senior policy and Medicare.

I am disabled. My husband passed away from cancer and I was on his companies group insurance. It immediately rolled over to Texas Cobra. In 2012 I turned 65 and was supposed to go on Medicare part B. I never received the A& B cards. In December I found $99.90 was taken out of the SS check for Medicare. I called the SS office and they explained it was for Medicare B. I informed them I had not received any new Medicare cards. Since the debit taken out was past the enrollment date they had to refund it and informed me I couldn’t sign up for Medicare part B until Jan. 1, 2013. I called the Nurse management counselor assigned to me through BC/BS the insurance carrier I was under. After explaining to her my circumstances since I’m disabled with MS she gave two companies names to call. The first one was The Benefit link and she informed they were the best. Meanwhile different companies were calling and I would explain the problem I was in and they either said they would have to talk to their underwriter or tried to tell me I could get coverage and just send a resignation letter to BC/BS and ask for a letter of credibility. Which I had contacted Texas State Ins. Board and they informed me I had to stay on Cobra for 3 years. I was worried out of my mind due to the specialty prescriptions for my MS. Along with the additional pain management prescriptions.

After I contacted the Benefit Link and explained my circumstances they informed me in detail everything so I could understand. I would have to wait until Jan. 2014 to call SS and apply for Medicare B. Which I did. They were able to smoothly get me coverage at a monthly rate I could easily afford which amounted to about $200.00 less than what I am paying. With considerable more coverage, less out of pocket and deductible. If you want a no hassle, well informed, knowledgeable insurance agency that will take all the pressure off you and put you into a tailored insurance plan with the best coverage and lowest cost call them. Thank you and GOD bless you.