Farm Insurance Lethbridge

Farm Insurance Lethbridge

Are you farming as just a hobby or as your occupation? No matter how you answer, you already know that few things are quite as peaceful as working on your own land. Here at Schwartz Reliance Insurance & Registries has been working to ensure all farm sizes for many years. Whether you want to sell garden produce at a farmer’s market in the area or you want full-scale farm insurance in Lethbridge, you can look to our team to have your back. 

When it comes to Lethbridge farm insurance, it is imperative that you know and understand coverage options and how it works. We have insurance experts on staff to address whatever questions or concerns that you may have. Diving further into the details, there are some important things to know regarding farm insurance policies, including: 

  1. Standard Homeowners Insurance Will Cover Some Farm-Related Activities – Even those with a home garden they use as a hobby may not realize they have coverage as part of their homeowner’s insurance. However, there may be exclusions on elements like farm outbuildings and equipment.
  2. A Different Policy Might Be Required When Farming for Profit – When you turn your hobby into farming for profit, you will need more than basic homeowners coverage. Should you start selling at a local farmer’s market, you can look into hobby farm coverage.
  3. With Full-Time Farming as an Occupation, You Need Agricultural Insurance in Lethbridge – Taking your hobby to the next step as your occupation means getting the coverage you need from trusted farm insurance brokers. The basic policies for farming coverage will usually include property, liability, and other coverage options.
  4. Coverage with Farmers Insurance in Lethbridge is Not Standard – Some people believe that farm insurance is essentially a big bundle-style policy with pre-determined coverages. The truth is that farm policies will have variations, and there is no such thing as a standard policy. Every operation is unique. Therefore, Schwartz Reliance Insurance & Registries offers farm insurance in Lethbridge that can be custom-tailored to each farmer’s needs that we work with. 

Working with Schwartz Reliance Insurance & Registries

Farm operations are very involved, and no two setups may be alike. Because of this, unique requirements must be met to ensure our clients have the peace of mind they deserve. When you are looking for quality farm insurance coverage from a team you can trust, we are happy to go over our specialized, tailored services. Since we are located in the middle of rich land and farm country, we understand the need for coverage you can trust. We would love to go over your operations and help you to find the farm insurance policy that best suits your unique situation. 

Securing the best farm insurance in Lethbridge does not have to be complicated. At Schwartz Reliance Insurance & Registries wants you to know that getting a free insurance quote has never been easier!  We know that you have a lot to protect, so click here to get your detailed or instant quote. You can also reach us by calling (844) 840-1010.

Farm Insurance Lethbridge

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Farm Insurance Lethbridge

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