“On Thursday. With very limited knowledge about how Medicare worked. I had the great fortune of being placed in the hand of Diana Scothorn and her assistant Charlotte of The Benefit Link. After finding out my husbands employers insurance had dropped me on my sixty-fifth birthday. I was at a total loss of what to do. Thanks to an Aetna service advisor, I was given Ms. Scothorn’s name and two telephone numbers so that I could be sure and have her help. Well, it was such the blessing. Had I not found out first hand that The Benefit Link is a nationwide service. I would have guessed Ms. Scothorn was the sole service person. As she did not assume I knew anything about Medicare or what to do at this point. She took the position of sensitivity, questions, and her advanced years of knowledge and exceptional professionalism and not only guided along the process with explanations, and questions to make sure I understood. I was signed up and insured within immediate minutes after being virtually walked through the process via telephone. If you are looking for the best in knowledge and caring. Call Diana. It was like being helped by a “caring” family member.”