How Do I Choose the Right Medigap Insurance Company?

The Benefit Link represents and/or has access to virtually every major Medigap insurance company and their plans thorough out the United States. Our group continually monitors the overall senior market insurance industry by tracking premiums, rate increase history and trends. In short we know our business better than anyone.

The Benefit Link has more than 27 years of experience specifically working with seniors—this is our sole expertise. We have and will continue to remain independent of any Medigap insurance company so that we may objectively advise and provide guidance to seniors who need to acquire Medigap healthcare coverage.

“The Benefit link essentially takes the place of your benefits coordinator providing support for our clients .”

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Our Trusted Carriers

Aetna Medicare Supplement Insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Insurance
Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance
Bankers Fidelity Medicare Supplement Insurance
Cigna Medicare Supplement Insurance
Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Insurance
Gerber Medicare Supplement Insurance
Transamerica Medicare Supplement Insurance

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It can be difficult to know whether or not you have proper coverage, but we can help! It’s our passion to provide peace of mind and ensure that you are well informed of your options and receive the best possible rates. Please feel free to call us at anytime, even if it’s just to chat.