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United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plans

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement plans are some of the most popular in the nation. Their name brand is well known to many people because United Healthcare also offers employer insurance plans. Many of you may have been insured at some point in your lifetime with UHC, and therefore it’s likely that you’ll want to consider their supplement plans as well.

The Benefit Link is a long-time national producer for United Healthcare Medicare Supplements. We have thousands of policyholders across 47 states. This recognizable insurance company has been offering Medigap plans since the last 70’s.

While many other insurance companies offer the same standardized Medigap plans, United Healthcare Medicare Supplement plans are the only ones co-branded with AARP.

Also, United Healthcare Medicare Supplements are available across many states and they offer 7 different Medigap plan options.

To enroll in a Medicare supplement policy with United Healthcare Medicare Solutions, you must be a member of AARP. We can provide an application for both the membership and the supplement.

You will have get access to benefits which include:

  • Early enrollment and household discounts (varies by state)
  • No application fee
  • Nationwide coverage- you can visit any Medicare provider in the U.S.
  • Guaranteed Renewable – as with all Medigap plans, your coverage can’t be cancelled for medical reasons
  • Free look period of 30 days
  • Peace of mind that comes from insurance with a top A-rated carrier
  • Silver Sneakers gym membership (where offered)

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan F

United Healthcare Medicare Supplements are standardized. UHC doesn’t offer all 10 standardized plans, but they do offer the most commonly purchased plans, like Plans F, G and N.

When you purchase a United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan F, you can rest assured that your Medicare Supplement policy will include all the same great benefits as any other Medigap Plan F.  This plan covers both your hospital and outpatient deductibles. It also covers your 20% coinsurance under Part B.  What most people like is that it’s first-dollar coverage, meaning that you won’t pull your wallet out for any Medicare-covered services.

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan G

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan G policies are new to the marketplace in 2017.  In many states, Plan G has lower monthly premiums than Plan F.  In exchange, you must understand that you are responsible for paying your own Part B deductible. Fortunately, you only owe this deductible once per year, whenever you access your first Part B healthcare service for that year.

Our team can help you compare the Plan F vs Plan G premiums and decide if it’s more cost effective for you to enroll in Plan G.

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N is a great choice for individuals who would like lower premiums in exchange for their agreement to cover some costs on the back end of the policy. For example, just like on Plan G, you will pay your own Part B deductible under Plan N. You will also have doctor copays of up to $20 and emergency room copays of up to $50.

Plan N also does not cover excess charges. An excess charge is just a fee that some doctors charge beyond what Medicare agrees to pay them.  This amount, by law, cannot be any higher than 15%, and in some states, excess charges are not allowed at all.

Should you enroll in a United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan N just remember to check  with your providers ahead of time to ask if they accept Medicare assignment rates. If they say no, you’ll be aware that you may end up paying some balance bill excess charges.

United Healthcare Silver Sneakers

Lots of people ask us about the United Healthcare gym benefit from Silver Sneakers.

Silver Sneakers is a fitness membership for older adults. While membership is through participating local gyms, Silver Sneakers actually sponsors a lot of social activities that keep older adults engaged in their community. The United Healthcare Silver Sneakers program has a long-standing relationship. UHC plans in many areas offer a Silver Sneakers membership, and we can help you check UHC plans in your county to see if this benefit is included in plans near you.

Currently in 2018, United Healthcare Medicare supplement plans also provide Silver Sneakers, which is something that some other Medigap carriers may not offer.

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