Medicare Advantage Plans In Brevard County Florida

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Medicare Advantage Plans In Brevard County Florida

Medicare Advantage plan (Medicare Part C plans) is an alternative means of getting Medicare Part A and Part B (Original Medicare) coverage. Medicare Part C Plans are provided by Medicare-approved private health insurance providers, and Medicare mandates them to follow a certain set of rules. If you or a loved one are planning to enroll in Medicare Advantage, you might have some questions. In this post, we will explore the frequently asked questions about Medicare Advantage plans in Brevard County, Florida.

What makes me eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan?

To be eligible to sign up for this plan, you must first qualify for Original Medicare. Also, you must live in the Medicare Advantage service area. However, for some Medicare Advantage plans, such as Special Needs Plans, there are usually additional eligibility requirements.

Do I have to pay Medicare Part B premium after joining a Medicare Advantage plan? 

Yes. It is a must that you continue to pay your monthly premium for Medicare Part B even if your monthly premium for Part B is $0. 

Can I register for the Medicare Advantage plan if I am already a member of a Medigap plan? 

If you have already enrolled in a Medigap plan but wish to register for a Medicare Advantage plan, you must first drop your Medigap plan. You cannot use a Medicare Supplement plan to pay for any medical expenses you have under a Medicare Part C plan. Note that if you drop a Medigap plan, you may not be able to get the plan back. Please see an experienced Medicare expert like Medicare Health Experts for more information about the best Medicare plans in Brevard County.

Do I have to give up Original Medicare to apply for a Medicare Advantage plan? 

You don’t have to give up Original Medicare, but you won’t have to use it when you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan.

Is there any pre-existing health condition the plans won’t cover?

No. the Medicare Advantage plan doesn’t have pre-existing condition clauses. So, when you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, all covered medical services are available for everybody; it doesn’t matter whether you have the condition before you register. 

What will happen if I move outside of my service area?

Medicare Advantage providers’ contract with Medicare requires that members live within the plan’s service area. However, some plans allow you to go outside of the service area for a limited period. If you are to move outside of a service area, you must tell your plan in writing so that they can disenroll you. Then, you will be covered by Original Medicare until you enroll in another Medicare Advantage plan in your new service area.

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If you have more questions about Medicare Advantage Plans in Brevard County Florida, call us on 561-279-3804. Our experienced Medicare experts are well knowledgeable about Brevard County Medicare Advantage plans and help you choose the best plan for your need and budget.

Medicare Advantage Plans In Brevard County Florida

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Medicare Advantage Plans In Brevard County Florida

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