When Can I Buy Medigap?

If you're near, at, or beyond retirement age, adequate health coverage is a legitimate concern. You know you should have Medicare coverage, but today that's probably not enough. But when you start...

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Medicare Versus Medicaid

It’s understandable why many people get Medicare and Medicaid confused, or assume they are the same thing. Actually, those two different letters at the end of each signify very different programs!...

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FAQ: Does Medicare Cover Vision & Dental?

Although Medicare does cover such surgeries as Glaucoma, Floaters and Cataracts surgery, it does not cover yearly visits and dental coverage.  Here at the Benefit Link we have licensed agents to...

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FAQ: What Are Medicare Parts A & B?

Medicare A & B are the two parts of Medicare that are the original parts of Medicare. Part A: Hospitalization Coverage (Inpatient) Part B: Doctor Visits, X-Rays, etc (Outpatient) The combination...

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Healthcare is not one-size-fits-all. We can help you find the best plan that fits your Medical needs.

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