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Plan G

Plan G is one of the most popular plans among people who are interested in getting a supplement plan with their Medicare. It has some benefits that you cannot find in the other plans, which makes it a great supplement plan option.

Getting this plan still depends on your needs. Let’s see what it covers and the costs involve when choosing this plan for your Medicare.

What’s covered 

It offers great value for beneficiaries who are willing to pay a small annual deductible. After that, Plan G provides full coverage for all of the gaps in Medicare. It pays for your hospital deductible, copays and coinsurance. 

It may not have deductibles for your Medicare Part B but it covers excess costs that are not covered by Part B. On top of that, you have foreign travel emergency benefits which could take care of you when you need it outside of the country.

The Costs

It is normal to spend a bit more when getting a supplement plan but the savings can be seen from its long-term usage. Apart from the additional payment for the supplement Plan G, you would still be paying for your Medicare Part A and B.

You will see the savings in getting this plan through the Part A deductible, other copayments and coinsurance from this plan and the excess charges from Parts B that you won’t need to pay for anymore.

How did it replace Plan F – What are the differences?

Since Plan F has been abolished since the 1st of January 2020, only people who are already enrolled in it before the said date can continually use it. That is why Plan G somehow replaced Plan F.

Their list of benefits are almost identical apart from one benefit which is the Part B deductibles. Plan F has that benefit on its plan which makes it significantly popular for Medicare members too.

Since Plan G is the only plan that covers Part B excess charges and almost the same benefits of Plan F, it shows to be a comprehensive plan to get among other available plans in the market.

Cheaper Alternatives

If you think you wouldn’t be having that much of an excess cost from Part B, you may want to get Plan C instead. It has almost the same benefits as Plan G, without the Part B excess benefit. Instead, it has Part B deductible which Plan F also has.

Plan N is also an option you can check out because it has low premiums compared to other plans but it has higher copayments.

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