“The day I responded to a Medicare questionnaire over the internet I started getting phone calls from every provider out there. I soon thought I’d made a terrible mistake. Yet something about the call from the Benefit Link people led me to immediately believe that these folks were anxious to really help me get through the Medicare “maze” and I stuck with their phone call and have never regretted doing so. It seemed all they wanted to do was to be sure I understood what I needed to do and how and when to do it. When it came to what provider to choose for my supplemental and part D coverages, the Benefit Link people gave me lots of examples/choices and lots of comparative pricing. There was absolutely no pressure to pick any specific provider, just good answers as to what and why. They’ve been a wonderful group of people and they never fail to answer my questions. Everything they’ve told me about how this Medicare business would work has worked out to the penny exactly as they explained!”

What do you like most about the service?

“They give sincere and honest answers to the toughest questions. They really know their stuff, no smoke and mirrors…”