I became acquainted with The Benefit Link when I was searching sites on the internet for help with decision making regarding Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance & Part D Insurance during open enrollment. Maurice sent me a well-written email that caught my attention. I called & talked with him & felt I could trust what he told me. He also got Charlotte & then Diana to talk with me. All of them helped me tremendously in making informed decisions about changing my policies from the ones I had for several years to the ones I chose for 2013. With Moe’s guidance, I was even able to do all the necessary paperwork electronically.

This year, 2013, during Annual Enrollment, I was presented locally with an HMO plan that had rates that sounded tempting. I was in the process of comparing plans for more than 2 weeks. One afternoon during the 3rd week of November my telephone rang and it was Brennan Jackson with The Benefit Link just calling to see how I was doing after a year. I felt my stress level lower just hearing him speak to my concerns, as I expressed to him that again, I was in the middle of comparing plans. He told me that Moe was recovering from Meningitis. Brennan set up a telephone appointment for me with Diana Scothorn. I updated Diana with the information I was comparing. She gave me excellent advice, which enabled me to feel comfortable with the decision I made regarding keeping my current supplemental plan & changing my Part D to a plan that was more economical for 2014. I am very, very grateful for Brennan & Diana’s help this year ( & for all the professionals at The Benefit Link) & shall not hesitate to initiate a call to The Benefit Link myself in October of 2014 if I need help again.