I wanted to take the time to send this e-mail to you and to the American Continental Insurance Company. First, I would like to let the insurance company know that they are blessed to have both you and Derek working for this company. Both of you have been there for me when I had questions to ask when it came to deciding on what insurance to go with plus what plan is best for me. I also know that I had a question to ask and if you didn’t have the answer you would find out for me and call me back with an answer. It means a lot to me to have a person that I can understand plus the friendless that you both have.

It was important to me to let both of you know that you are my angels and that I couldn’t ask for the nicest people and that your caring goes beyond its limits. I can tell by your voices that both of you enjoy your job.

I send my love to both of you and hope that someday I will be able to meet both of you in person.