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George Burrington and Jean Toth

  • Eastlake, OH

This is to give you kudos for all that you have done for us for the past years. George was with you and The Benefit Link way before he introduced me to you guys. I only joined in September of 2012 when I retired.

We have had our share of medical problems and the recommendations for our coverage has been wonderful. We do not need any co-pays and that is also terrific. At this time, all we need to do is budget monthly for our supplemental expense. I love that they arranged our premiums to be at a time when our social security checks comes in. The most wonderful perk is not needing to complete any medical paperwork. We don’t know if we could find the time to do so and we certainly would not even care to do paperwork after all our years in the workforce.

Should any questions arise, The Benefit Link has always taken the best care of us. We talk to each other about family and events in our lives as if we were the best of friends, oh wait, we are friends. Everyone reflects an outstanding Christian attitude it just brings out the best of us. Questions are answered very knowledgeably, quickly and professionally. If needed, they repeat what is difficult to understand as many times until we get it. You and the staff have gone to great lengths to assist us at times. We would highly recommend The Benefit Link and have told many friends and relatives about their service. Thank you for always being there and watching our backs.

Linda Jones

  • Grand Prairie TX

Fifteen years ago, after my husband passed away, I had to deal with many issues and adjustments, one of which was medical insurance.

I was introduced to the Benefit Link through Vought Aircraft where my husband had retired.

I can truly say that they have been extremely caring and helpful all these years. They have been attentive to any questions I have had and have always been there to see that I have the best Medicare Supplement insurance for the money.

I appreciate Diana and The Benefit Link team so much. You are not treated like “a number” with them, but as a good friend that they want the best for.

Thank you so much for your years of service.

Bob and Jan

  • Kyle TX

Jan and I would like to thank The Benefit Link for the excellent service provided.

Transitioning into retirement is not an easy task. We found Medicare to be extremely complex and their website left us with more questions than answers. We were bombarded with “offers” from multiple companies all attesting to their expertise in guiding us, but it became obvious that all had their own agendas and were influencing us to make choices that might not be best for us. In fact, we made a choice that proved wrong.

That’s when The Benefit Link came into the picture. Not being affiliated with any insurance company, you were completely impartial and took the time to explain everything. And take the time, you did. Thank you for your patience, for your time, and for your professionalism. For the first time we understood and were able, under your guidance, to correct our mistake and get into plans best suited for us. Additionally, to find out there was no cost for your service was a profound blessing.

We wholeheartedly recommend The Benefit Link to help those make the right choices. Our only regret is that we did not get involved with you earlier as it would have eliminated considerable stress and confusion.

Thank you for being there and for providing excellent service.

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Wally Funk

  • US Astronaut Candidate, National Transportation Safety Board 1st Woman Accident Investigator, Airline Captain, Chief Pilot in 5 US States.
  • Age: 74

With great respect to The Benefit Link, especially, Stewart and Jessica. I‘m so grateful for their care and guidance regarding my Medicare Part D. My medicine was not life threatening, but it is essential to my well-being. It was through them that I was able to alter my plan so that I could maximize my benefits for economical and physical reasons. I feel so blessed that they took my situation in their hands and assisted me through this year. The Benefit Link will be helping me for many years to come. I was just the “Kid Next Door” and wasn’t knowledgeable about how this all works. They came to my rescue, called, and followed through, which is more than many people will do.

I recommend them to anyone who needs a true friend looking out for their best interest.

Armando Sanchez

  • TX
  • Age: 65

I would like to thank The Benefit Link company for a job well done on my behalf. Company representative, Brennan Jackson went above and beyond my expectations on helping me get the right supplemental plan to complement my Medicare coverage. Brennan was very thorough in explaining in detail what plan would best serve my needs. I would encourage anyone looking for help in understanding the complex Medicare coverage system to visit with the folks at The Benefit Link.

Thanks to Benefit Link, my family and I have peace of mind and know that we are in good hands.