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Wally Funk

  • US Astronaut Candidate, National Transportation Safety Board 1st Woman Accident Investigator, Airline Captain, Chief Pilot in 5 US States.
  • Age: 74

With great respect to The Benefit Link, especially, Stewart and Jessica. I‘m so grateful for their care and guidance regarding my Medicare Part D. My medicine was not life threatening, but it is essential to my well-being. It was through them that I was able to alter my plan so that I could maximize my benefits for economical and physical reasons. I feel so blessed that they took my situation in their hands and assisted me through this year. The Benefit Link will be helping me for many years to come. I was just the “Kid Next Door” and wasn’t knowledgeable about how this all works. They came to my rescue, called, and followed through, which is more than many people will do.

I recommend them to anyone who needs a true friend looking out for their best interest.

Armando Sanchez

  • TX
  • Age: 65

I would like to thank The Benefit Link company for a job well done on my behalf. Company representative, Brennan Jackson went above and beyond my expectations on helping me get the right supplemental plan to complement my Medicare coverage. Brennan was very thorough in explaining in detail what plan would best serve my needs. I would encourage anyone looking for help in understanding the complex Medicare coverage system to visit with the folks at The Benefit Link.

Thanks to Benefit Link, my family and I have peace of mind and know that we are in good hands.

Carolyn Stewart

  • TX
  • Age: 75

At 73 years old I was suddenly dropped from my medical insurance. I was lucky to get in touch with the Benefit Link and Diana and Derek. They spent much time with me on the phone. I followed their instructions that I would need for the future. When I have had questions and called and their representatives return in a timely manner and answer questions in a timely manner.

I thank Diana, Derek, Charlotte and Patti for their time and effort on my behalf.

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Mildred Ryder

  • TX
  • Age: 81

I was always grateful I had good insurance for myself and my two children while working at Vought for 43 years. When I retired and my insurance continued it paid 80% and I paid the remaining 20%.

Our company did some research and found a much better program for us retirees. I was introduced to “The Benefit Link” and was truly amazed at how much better the insurance coverage is.

I was very frightened with the changes but soon found out it really is to our BENEFIT. Thanks to the wonderful people at “The Benefit Link” for all the personal care and support.

Ed Rhoads

  • NE
  • Age: 69

I have purchased my medical Insurance through The Benefit Link for the past four years. Thank God I followed this path because it has made a big difference in my life. In the past two years I have had back surgery, both shoulders replaced, both knees replaced, and many hours of physical therapy.

During this time I have not had to pay any out of pocket money. Medicare and my supplemental insurance paid the bill for everything.

The insurance The Benefit Link obtained allowed me the choice of any Doctor I wanted. As a result I was able to access the best Doctors in the orthopedic field. Consequently I am living a pain free life.

For the best insurance you can buy I would recommend the use of the Benefit Link. Their courteous, friendly agents will assist in help to find a plan that will work for you.

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