Truck Driver Health

Truck Driver Health

Wellness Programs that Improve the Health of a Truck Driver’s Health.

Long-haul truck driver health concerns have increasingly become a crucial matter for the logistics industry.  

More than three-quarters of the carrier companies report that the emerging health care crisis will greatly affect their ability to recruit new drivers. Driver recruiting has become a major issue for trucking companies. If this statement reflects what is being experienced in your company then it is now time to enroll a truck driver wellness program that will help sustain common truck driver health concerns and medical expenses for drivers.

Since every driver is different from the other, not all tactics will work for every driver the same thus they have to be tailored to every drivers’ unique needs. The following list shows five best procedures you can easily enforce in your wellness program:


  • Offer various Suggestions on how to Perform Exercises Properly.


Long-haul drivers or over-road-drivers are required to work for a maximum of 70 hours in an eight-day stretch. Once they begin their day, they must stop in the 14th hour. Within that period they are permitted to drive for an extensive period of 11 hours. That gives the drivers a minimum of 3 hours to use in improving their health. 

What should a truck driver eat is a question that many drivers ask in making sure that their health is paramount while at work. The answer to this question leans towards fruits and vegetables, not only do fruits and vegetables contain lots of great minerals and vitamins they also help in digestion as they contain fibres. A plate of vegetables or a bunch of fruits per day is good but don’t overdo it since fruits are a source of sugar and too much of it can cause other health issues. 


  • Advocate for Stretching Sessions. 


Stretching might seem to be a simple exercise that many would ignore but it actually helps with back safety. Indulging oneself in a stretching session that can assist with long hours of sitting. Consult a professional to demonstrate the correct stretching ways during a safety meeting to assist drivers to see what they are required to do and what they aren’t required to do.


  • Come up with Programs like the Wing-Man Program. 


A lot of companies have come up with “WingMan” programs motivating employees to perform exercises in unity. A number of studies cite the benefits of a partner to hold you accountable for wellness efforts.

Wingman programs help truck drivers keep records of how they are progressing, and also creates a pledge to the wellness program.


  • Encourage Deterrent Screenings.


Common truck driver health concerns may include:

  • Severe Fatigue.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Depression and Anxiety.

Health and happy drivers are more reliable. Screening can recognize early and create room for medication or management of these health concerns.


  • Create a Reward Program for Truck Drivers who Quit Smoking.


Smoking has become a huge issue among truck drivers. The focal point of communication Is ways to quit smoking as well as fact-based information on the consequences of smoking. 

Contact Rolling Strong to learn more about how our wellness program benefits truck drivers.

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