Understanding the Basics of Medicare Health Insurance

Medicare Health InsuranceMedicare Health Insurance is an important program that the United States government offers its citizens.  Medicare ensures that qualifying US citizens, often referred to as beneficiaries, have the ability to have affordable health care after retirement. Further, it ensures that there are no qualifying US citizens are denied access to healthcare simply based on their ability to pay.

Who Qualifies for Medicare Health Insurance?

Medicare Health Insurance provides health insurance to citizens in the United States who are 65 years or older. One of the most important aspects of this plan is that these individuals are ones who have worked and paid into the Medicare Health Insurance system through payment of taxes.  This is important because it showcases that this program is sustainable and that the people that are using the program are ones that have a vested interested in the longevity of the program.

One additional group of individuals that use Medicare Health Insurance are those younger than 65 years old but have disabilities. Those that have end-stage renal disease also fall into this category. This is important because many times these individuals are denied traditional health insurance due to a variety of factors, including the idea that these individuals would be too costly for a private company to insure.

What is Not Covered by Medicare Insurance?

Some of the things that Medicare does not cover are those situations that are a bit more complex. For example, Medicare does not cover many types of home based health care. Further, for those in nursing homes or similar types of assisted living, many times Medicare does not cover the health options given in those environments. These are important considerations when thinking about Medicare and whether or not Medicare is a good fit for your individual situation.

The Benefit Link Can Help You Find the Right Insurance Program for Your Situation

At the Benefit Link, we are proud to help seniors find the best Medicare insurance to fit their individual needs. We support Medicare and its purpose of ensuring that beneficiaries are taken care of later in life. We are proud to work with the Medicare Health Insurance program and believe in the values, benefits, and expectations of the program. For more information regarding Medicare Health Insurance and how it could benefit you, contact us at the Benefit Link. Visit our website or call (877) 805-2952. We can help you assess your current and future insurance needs, and decide on the perfect plan for you.

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